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First dive



about 3h


9h00-12h00 ou 14h00-17h00

8 years minimum with parental consent


bathing suit and towel


Once the presentations are made, we distribute the suits, fins, masks and snorkels. Everything related to scuba tanks will be handled by your instructor.

Direction the boat to reach the counters of Cap Camarat and its natural coves (10 minutes maximum of navigation). We go to the same sites as for the snorkling. The water is very clear, the fauna abundant and the depths shallow. All the essential ingredients for the first time. On arrival on site, you will attend a complete briefing on the course of the dive: underwater communication, breathing, positioning etc...

Once you are ready, you will now be alone with your instructor. This is the golden rule of baptism. All our attention and expertise is focused on one person, YOU. We go at your pace and not the other way around. We take the time on the surface to teach you how to breathe with the equipment before going down. When YOU decide, the immersion begins and this wonderful new world finally opens up to you. The immersion lasts about 20 minutes per person and the maximum depth reached during your immersion will be 6m for adults. And it's already a good start for the first time!

When you have finished your tour, you can enjoy the place by taking your snorkel and continuing with a palm hike. The boat is at your disposal to have a break with a cold drink and a snack.

Then return to the club to refresh and relax before the graduation ceremony.


Baptême de plongée VIP au départ dela plage de Pampelonne au coeur du golf de saint Tropez. Dans les eaux cristalines des piscines naturelles du Cap Camarat. Prolongez le plaisir en augmentant la durée de votre immersion :  vous serez seul à seul avec votre moniteur pendant 30 minutes sous l'eau !  ​  ​  ​  ​  ​  ​  ​  ​

Extend the pleasure by increasing the duration of your immersion:

you will be alone with your instructor for 30 minutes underwater!


130 €

Lancez-vous dans une formation courte et repartez avec une carte de plongeur internationale valable dans le monde entier. Durant 3 plongées vous apprendrez les bases de la plongée en bouteille. Chaque plongée dure environ 30 min. Que du plaisir !  Quelques exercices en début de séance pour vous sentir à l'aise et une longue balade sous marine pour développer votre aisance et surtout observer les poissons !

Start a short training and leave with an international diver card valid worldwide. During 3 dives you will learn the basics of scuba diving. Each dive lasts about 30 minutes. It's all fun and games!

A few exercises at the beginning of the session to feel comfortable and a long underwater walk to develop your comfort and especially to observe the fish!

290 €


Composed of 5 dives, it is the first step in the big bath. Each session consists of about 10 minutes of exercise and 35 walks.

At the end of this training, you will be able to dive to a depth of 20 m under the supervision of a guide.

This is really the international diving license. Ideal if you are planning to go to the islands next summer!

490 €


You have already completed one or more baptisms and want to continue the adventure and gain in autonomy? Then several options are available to you:

informations and booking

+33 (0)6 80 88 73 91

1550 Route de Bonne Terrasse

83350 Ramatuelle

informations and booking

+33 (0)6 80 88 73 91

1550 Route de Bonne Terrasse

83350 Ramatuelle

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